At WPSR we are aware that the Lift and Escalator Management in a building is often driven by Insurance Inspections and the lift maintenance contractor.

We offer a complete range of non-biased, Portfolio or Asset Management for the lifts and escalators in your building.  As a standard we will provide two site equipment inspections a year and produce a report on the condition of the equipment, the performance of the lift maintenance contractor and Health & Safety items.

We provide an understanding of Insurance Inspection reports and provide advice on what should be done and when.  Lift maintenance contractors will often use Insurance Inspection reports as an excuse to provide quotations for work that is not always required and in some instances should be covered by the maintenance contract.

We would also provide advice on all quotation works suggested by the maintenance contractor and where necessary, we will provide feedback regarding the suitability of the works quoted and an assessment on the cost of works recommended.